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a moment he was right alongside our Blackfoot
hero. As he paced his horse slightly in front of
Atsistamokon, he turned In his saddle, raised his
gun to a point-blank level with Atsistamokon's
face—and pulled the trigger.

We saw blood dripping from our hero's features,
but to our utter surprlse3 he went right on with the
battle as if nothing had happened. He merely
turned In his seat3 raised his heavy battle-axe and
brought It down on Pretty-Young-Man's head
with the same force that he had used In the actual
battle, and—blunk!—Pretty-Young-Man hit the
ground and lay there as numb and still as he had
been ten years before*

When we saw this, we thought that we were
going to have a big fight. But the Crees all
jumped up and shouted:

'MewasinI    Mewasin!—It is good!    It Is good !*

And their head chief came over and shook
hands with Atslstamokon and our chiefs; and he
told Atslstamokon that he had 'done what was
right*. He then told the Blackfeet that the Crees
were going to hold a big dance In their honour
that night, and he invited us all to come over.

Atsistamokon's face was only burnt with pow-
der? and though he carried the blue powder-marks
the rest of his life, he was not injured otherwise.

That night at the Cree dance,. Chief Pretty-
Young-Man got up and came over to where